The Brault Family: Missionaries to Kenya

The Brault family will be going to Kenya as our first full-time, on-the-field missionaries. Please join us in supporting their efforts. If you would like to become a prayer partner with the Braults, please complete our contact form and indicate your intent in the comments, so they can add you to their list.

About the Braults

The Brault's missionary journey began several years ago, they're not sure exactly when, but, independently they each felt God telling them that they were going to serve in foreign missions. They had no idea what that would look like—the what, the where, and the when. They were both certain that is was many years off (like when they had more kids out of the house than in).

In February 2007, Tim was serving as the Information Technology Services coordinator at Church of God Ministries—the national offices of the Church of God (Anderson)—and went to Kenya to assist with some computer maintenance at the Kima International School of Theology (KIST). Tim was in Kenya for two weeks and spent time talking to the people, seeing the country, and being awed by the majesty of His creation on a two-day safari on the Maasai Mara. When he returned home he felt as if he left a piece of his heart in Kenya. He told Beth that he still didn't know the what and was still thinking the when was still quite a ways off, but was beginning to feel that Kenya or somewhere in East Africa was the where.

A few months later, Tim got home from work one evening and walked into the kitchen. He began to look at the mail that was sitting on the counter. When he opened up the newsletter that had come from the child sponsorship program that we are active with, Beth covered up one part of the page and told him he couldn't read that part. It was an announcement that they were seeking a missionary couple to serve as directors of their program in Tanzania. Tim read the description and it seemed to be a great fit with their skills and love for children. Beth was insistent that this was not the right time; that they needed to think about missions ten years down the road, not now. A couple nights later, we went out to dinner and Tim brought up the subject. Beth immediately told him that she was serious and that she didn't even want to discuss it. Twenty minutes later she was sitting there giving solutions to some of the issues we would face.

Tim was already scheduled to return to KIST the following February, so they planned on extending the trip by an extra week and Beth going with him so they could look at the position that was open in Tanzania. Due to the post-election violence our trip was pushed back by two months. In April 2008, they travelled to Kenya and Tanzania. On the next to last day, as they were on our way to catch our shuttle back to Nairobi from Tanzania, they were sitting in the Land Rover waiting on their host, when Tim noticed Beth starting to cry in the backseat. He asked her what was wrong and she replied, "I never knew you could be somewhere for such a short time and have it hurt so much to leave."

They both knew this was definitely the where, and felt that God wanted an earlier timetable than what we were thinking. While on that trip, Tim was asked to consider serving at KIST, overseeing and developing their computers and related infrastructure, as well as developing a computer science program as a complimentary major for their pastoral students. It seemed like the perfect role. It fit his experience and spiritual gifts, it was at a well developed and very comfortable missions station, and had a great missionary team in place.

They started the process of getting their appointment as missionaries to serve at KIST, but as they progressed down the road, they encountered a number of issues and circumstances that made them take a step back and re-evaluate if this was really where God was calling us to serve. They never questioned their calling and in fact had it confirmed numerous times, but it became clear that He was not directing them to serve at KIST. As we spent more time in prayer and seeking direction, the picture became clear. They were to serve "the least of these." He made it clear that He wasn't calling them to a comfortable missions station and a position doing much of the same work as Tim had been doing, but was calling them to give up everything to follow Him; to step out of their comfort zone and truly be His hands and feet in Kenya.

Tim, Beth, and 7 of their 11 children will be serving in Nakuru, Kenya. They are hopeful to be on the field in 2013, but must raise their funding and sell their home before they can depart. The Brault's funding includes 2 parts, their start-up expenses which covers the costs associated with getting to the field and establishing their work in Kenya, and their on-going budget, which provides for their living expenses, children's education, medical insurance, and retirement contribution. The Braults will not draw a salary.

Tim and Beth Brault


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