Our Mission

To reach out to Kenya's poor, helping families and communities to build lives of dignity and self-reliance, as demonstrations of Jesus' unconditional love.

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What We Do

To create lasting change in the poverty situation, we address four key areas:

Food & Agriculture

While most of Kenya's rural poor grow some of their own food, a lack of resources results in low yields that may feed a family during the harvest seasons, but are not adequate to sustain them year-round or to produce additional income to meet other needs.

Health & Water

Easily preventable diseases, many from the lack of clean drinking water, rob families of their strength and productivity. Simple steps in gaining clean water and basic sanitation as well as access to basic medicines result in dramatic changes within the family and community.

Income Generation

Families need to be able to generate sufficient income to meet daily needs as well as to sustain themselves during times of economic shock. Microloans and other micro-enterprise programs assist families in being able to increase earnings to meet their needs.


Education and training are cornerstones to much of the work we do to end extreme poverty. We conduct training directly and also work with other partner agencies to provide the best opportunities possible. for children, adults, and the community.

Food & Agriculture

Income Generation

Health & Water


Get Involved

You don't have to travel to Kenya to make an impact there. You can parter with us in any number of ways to help bring the love and hope of Jesus to the people we serve.

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Holding a fundraiser is a great way to raise awareness and fund our ministry at the same time. We have some suggestions here, but use your imagination. Get a group of friends, your Sunday school class or small group to help and make it even better.


In order to keep our overhead costs at a minimum, we rely on volunteers to handle our administration and stateside operational needs.

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Serving in a foreign land and culture is full of trials and struggles. Check out our missionary page and drop them an encouraging email, or send a letter or a care package—it will bless them greatly. Consider becoming a prayer or financial partner with them.

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Common Fundraisers

These fundraisers are very common. We see them all the time, but that's because they are effective! While they may not bring in huge amounts of money, they consistently perform.


Other Fundraisers

Parents' Night Out—Setup a time on a Friday or Saturday night for parents to drop their kids off for 2-3 hours while they enjoy an evening out. Their payments for childcare will be a donation to Operation Kenya. This can be a great project for a church youth group, with the youth providing the childcare. Want to really make an impact? Set it up to be a once-a-month program.

Dinner Party—Invite some friends over for dinner and share with them about extreme poverty in Kenya and rally their support to make a contribution.

Your Birthday—Ask your family and friends to make a donation in lieu of a birthday gift.



Ways to Give

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By Check

Make your check payable to "Operation Kenya" and mail to:
     Operation Kenya
     PO Box 22
     Pendleton, IN 46064

Corporate Matching Gift

If your employer offers a matching gift program, please contact your Human Resources department for details and necessary forms. Then mail the form along with your gift to:
     Operation Kenya
     PO Box 22
     Pendleton, IN 46064

Via PayPal

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Donate your unwanted car, truck, boat, or RV to Operation Kenya. We will have it picked up and processed by v-Dac, who will evaluate it and dispose of it in the most advantageous way. You receive a tax deduction and Operation Kenya receives the sale proceeds.


If you have like-new laptops, advertising placements, or pro bono legal counsel or accounting services you would like to donate, please use our Contact form.

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Our work in Kenya is based in and around Nakuru. Nakuru is the fourth largest city in Kenya, and is located about 100 miles northwest of Nairobi.

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E-mail: info@operationkenya.org